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Latest products

A portable, versatile and multi-functional handheld 3D scanner for high-precision results. EinS..
74,940 SEK
Ex Tax: 59,952 SEK

Get rendering nodes for Chaos Corona here. Choose from a single render node to render node packs ran..
From 1,319 SEK
Ex Tax: 1,055 SEK

Chaos Corona offers high-quality, physically based shading for production rendering for Autodesk 3ds..
From 3,693 SEK
Ex Tax: 2,954 SEK

Flashforge Creator 4 is a high-performance 3D printer for commercial use. Equipped with three extrud..
95,000 SEK
Ex Tax: 76,000 SEK

The 2nd generation upgrade of Flashforge Creator 3 Pro 3D Printer offers more effective and professi..
28,991 SEK
Ex Tax: 23,193 SEK

Ultimaker CPE+ material is chemical resistant with high dimensional stability, with the added advant..
From 715 SEK
Ex Tax: 572 SEK

Unlock easy, always-on 3D printing with automatic material handling, efficient air filtering, and fi..
118,550 SEK
Ex Tax: 94,840 SEK

WhiteBlackBlueRedYellowGreenOrangeSilverTransparentGreyTranslucent RedTranslucent BlueTranslucent GreenFluorescent Yellow
Ultimaker PETG sets the standard for enterprise-grade industrial use. Available in a variety of colo..
From 500 SEK
Ex Tax: 400 SEK

Get your non-profit license for SketchUp here.License optionsWe offer SketchUp licenses for the foll..
From 673 SEK
Ex Tax: 538 SEK

Get your student or educator license for SketchUp here.License optionsWe offer SketchUp licenses for..
From 673 SEK
Ex Tax: 538 SEK

SketchUp Studio includes the desktop application SketchUp Pro, plus V-Ray for SketchUp and Scan Esse..
From 8,427 SEK
Ex Tax: 6,741 SEK

Design and collaborate anywhere. Quickly create in 3D with SketchUp for iPad, sync your projects to ..
From 1,437 SEK
Ex Tax: 1,150 SEK

As an alternative to a dedicated subscription, Autodesk Flex offers occasional users a new, cost-eff..
From 17,473 SEK
Ex Tax: 13,979 SEK

Fusion 360 Team Participant offers data management and collaboration software for additional users. ..
From 1,583 SEK
Ex Tax: 1,266 SEK

Fusion 360 Simulation Extension is a set of simulation study types to help you investigate if your 3..
From 23,012 SEK
Ex Tax: 18,410 SEK

Fusion 360 Product Design Extension provides access to advanced 3D design and modeling tools that si..
From 8,506 SEK
Ex Tax: 6,805 SEK

Fusion 360 Nesting & Fabrication Extension unlocks advanced capabilities to create optimized and..
From 23,012 SEK
Ex Tax: 18,410 SEK

Fusion 360 Manage Extension unlocks additional data management functionality and manages design chan..
From 5,473 SEK
Ex Tax: 4,378 SEK

Fusion 360 Machining Extension provides advanced manufacturing functionality. Get access to more 3- ..
From 23,012 SEK
Ex Tax: 18,410 SEK

Fusion 360 Generative Design Extension allows you to quickly explore high-performing design iteratio..
From 23,012 SEK
Ex Tax: 18,410 SEK